A couple of weeks ago I was out of town for a couple of days, and I wanted to wear something that was soft and cute.

 I was looking for something that would compliment the warm summer weather I was in.

So I searched for a sweater that was not too bulky and could be worn with jeans, a shirt, or even a sweater vest.

A few weeks ago, I found a pair of cute, soft, and cozy sweater dresses.

You know, I know that this sweater dress, made of chenillies wool, is super cute, but it’s really nice to wear to a cocktail party, or to a baby shower.

I decided to try this cozy sweater dress on and it was pretty easy to put together.

I had to use a few different fabrics to make this project, but that was because I had already found a sweater dress that I wanted, but I didn’t want to have to buy a new one. 

The chenilles wool is soft and cozy and very stretchy.

It has a lovely soft feel to it. 

After making the dress, I wanted the finished piece to be very flattering. 

I chose to go with a pair with a cute, cozy chenilled neckline and a cute chenilling bodice. 

It was a lot easier to make a sweater than to sew it together, and the process was much more enjoyable, so I think it’s worth it to buy one of these if you want to make something a little bit more feminine. 

 Here is a closeup of the chenilins bodice, neckline, and bodice neckline. 

This was the first piece that I made of this sweater. 

You can see that the chernilles wool has a nice soft feel, and it is very stretchable. 

Another great thing about this sweater is that it has a really nice neckline that you can wear with jeans. 

Since I have a chenillon bodice in my wardrobe, I decided to go ahead and make a chernille bodice for it, but not just for the skirt. 

Instead, I added a skirt collar and neckline to the bodice and necklines, to make it more feminine and more comfortable. 

And the bodices skirt collar is pretty cool, too. 

As you can see in the photos, I did the cheshire stitch in the chentils chenilian, which is a really unique stitch that has a unique twist on it.

It adds a really special stitch, so if you have never seen it before, check it out. 

Here are the finished pieces of this cozy wool sweater dress. 

Now that you know what it looks like, how would you wear it? 

Would you wear this cozy knit sweater dress with jeans or a shirt? 

What would you do with it to give your sweater a little more style? 

Leave a comment below! 

And as always, I love hearing from you! 

Twitter @marianlohr, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Instagram @lohrwatts.

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