A man is accused of hiding an injured groin in a backpack in the backyard of his home in the Halifax suburb of Dartmouth-Swansea.

The incident occurred last week.

The man, identified by police as David R. MacDougall, is charged with obstructing an officer.

MacDougal, who lives with his family in a house on Bayard Street in Dartmouth-Sea, has pleaded not guilty to the offence.

The charge comes after police investigated a complaint that a backpack belonging to MacDougal contained a groin rash.

Halifax Regional Police spokesman Const.

Ian Leitch said MacDougalls backpack was taken to a nearby emergency room for treatment.

The Halifax Regional Health Authority said it was aware of the incident but did not have further details.

MacDonalds mother, who declined to give her name, told CBC News on Wednesday that her son had been working in a laundry in Dartmouth Harbour, a suburb of Halifax, since last October.

She said the rash was not life-threatening, but she was concerned for his welfare.

The rash appeared to be on the inside of the groin and not on the outside of the skin, she said.

Macdonalds mother said her son told her he felt embarrassed about the rash.

She also said she has never heard of a man hiding his groin in his bag in the winter.

She asked CBC News not to identify the man.

MacDougall’s mother said she hopes the RCMP can arrest him.

She added that she wants her son to be charged for what she believes was a simple mistake.

“I hope that he does time and get the punishment he deserves,” she said, adding that her husband and three children live in Dartmouth and they work in the laundry.

Macdugal’s lawyer, Bruce Hargreaves, said his client is innocent.

“He’s just a man of the cloth.

He’s not hiding anything in his luggage,” Hargleves said.

“We’re very pleased with the charges laid, we’re very happy that they’re brought to a close, we want to see justice served.”

MacDougals father, who did not want to give his name, said he is not concerned about the outcome of the case.

“No matter what the outcome is, I feel vindicated,” he said.

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