By default, most of us associate the word biohacking with a term like ‘hacking’.

This is partly because we are used to thinking of it as a technological term that describes the process of changing the genetic makeup of a living organism.

But that doesn’t really make sense, because we know that changes in the genetic composition of the cells themselves don’t change the DNA of the organism.

In fact, it’s the genetic material that changes, not the molecular structure of the genes themselves.

So, it seems to me that we should be more careful about conflating the two.

The word bio-hacking is a generic term for changing the DNA in the cells of living organisms.

It’s not a technical term that refers to the genetic changes that are being made.

Biohacking refers to a set of techniques that we can use to change the genetic contents of living cells, or to change how genes are expressed, to improve their functioning.

Biohacking can be applied to a range of different fields, including medicine, biotechnology, biology, genetics, nanotechnology, neuroscience, engineering, and even engineering.

Bio-hackers are also a part of a large community of people that call themselves biohackers.

These people are not necessarily scientists or engineers, but they do work in fields related to the engineering and biology of living systems.

This is because biohacks work with cells in order to improve how they function.

So it’s not the same as scientists or scientists who work in engineering and biological engineering, but it is the same.

It’s hard to be sure whether the word Biohacker is related to biohacker in the sense that the term has been used by people since the 1990s, or whether it’s been around for a very long time.

There are a number of books that describe the history of the word, and there are a few popular websites that use the term to describe people who have worked with cells.

However, I’m going to focus here on the recent past, and I’m not going to dig up any old papers that say anything about this, either.

I’m only going to use Wikipedia and Google Scholar to find a few examples of the usage of the term.

I’m also going to assume that the word is commonly used, or at least widely accepted, by the people I’m talking about, because this article is written for people who are not biologists, and who are interested in the technical side of the topic.

So if you want to know more about the word or if you know anyone who uses the word often, this article may be of some interest.

Before I get started, I’d like to mention that I have a lot of respect for the people who use the word in the field of biohacked, and for anyone who does.

This article is mainly meant to help people understand what the word means and what it is not.

It may be useful to some people, but I’d advise you to look at other, more scientific sources before you start.

To begin with, I am going to talk about what the term biohack means, and what that means for someone like me.

First, I’ll tell you a little bit about the biology of a human cell.

Human cells divide a lot.

At birth, the cells that make up a human embryo contain just a few hundred million genetic mutations.

The genes that encode those mutations are usually located in the mitochondria (the large mitochondria in the cell) and in a part called the nucleus (the small nucleus in the embryo).

There are a variety of ways to store these mutations.

For example, the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in the human genome consists of a mixture of all the sequences of the DNA from the different genes that are expressed in the different cells of the body.

The different genes can be stored as either single copies of the same gene or as copies of different genes.

The DNA from one copy of the gene can be passed on to the next generation by carrying the same mutation from one generation to the other.

So the mitochondrion is where the mutation occurs, but the nuclear DNA is where all the genes that code for the mutations are located.

The nucleus is where they are stored and where they eventually turn into the protein that powers our cells.

The mitochondrial DNA can also be stored in the form of the nucleosome, which is a tiny membrane that acts like a kind of microtubule.

When a gene or protein is expressed, the DNA inside the cell is copied into the nucleus, and the nuclei are then linked to each other.

This process is called ‘spreading’.

The nucleosomes then attach to the mitochondrin, the tiny membrane-like part of the cell that carries the DNA.

Then the mitochondral DNA is copied onto the nucleus.

If the gene is expressed only once,

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