It’s a small house in a remote part of the country, and it’s filled with everything that makes up a family: toys, blankets, blankets and toys, toys, and then there’s the furniture.

When the owner of this little home, whose name is Katie, had to move a year ago, she said, she knew she was going to need something that had the right amount of space.

That’s what her son, Zach, wanted for Christmas.

“He always wanted to play with the toys,” Katie said.

“We’ve been living in a lot of places in the same house for a while now, and he had never had any toys.

So I decided to go and make a house out of his toys.

I think he likes them, so I’m kind of a little crazy about it.”

The kids have also been in the house for two years now.

They’re all grown, and they’re all part of their own little little village, but Katie has a few ideas about what she’ll make next.

She’s already making her own ice cream for Christmas, but that’s not all.

She has a little girl named Lizzy who’s been staying with her mom.

She needs something to do with her hair, and Katie said she has some ideas for a wig and some makeup for her.

But she’ll also be making some new friends for the holidays.

Katie said it’s been a long time since she had a family, but now she feels more comfortable.

“I think the last two years have been really difficult,” Katie told The Washington D.C. Post.

“It’s been like a nightmare.

I had a lot to deal with when I was homeless.

And I think it’s just been the craziest year of my life, but I think I’ve been lucky to have so many people.

They’ve been amazing.

I’ve really appreciated all of their help and support.”

Katie said the house is not meant to be a permanent home.

But the family is hoping to have some new family members this year, and she’s hoping that someone will come and help with the decorations.

“The house is supposed to be for a long, long time,” Katie continued.

“Hopefully, the people who come over to the house will be people who can see it as a family and not just as a house.”

Katie and her kids are planning a new year together.

“This year I’m looking forward to making some Christmas cards,” Katie shared.

“To be able to make some new memories and make some presents and hang them up in the kitchen.”

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