The Patagonian is celebrating its 30th anniversary and a new generation of fans are loving the new sweater designs it’s selling.

The company announced the latest batch of its Patagonians back in August of this year and the new line includes new pieces like the sweater above, which features a patch for the Patagonaire logo and a blue ribbon.

It’s a bold yet chic look that’s designed for those looking to take their summer time to the next level.

But we’re also excited to see more colors and patterns in the collection, especially considering it’s all made by Patagonias designers.

The new sweater collection, which is available at select retail locations and online, includes three colors, three patterns, a new embroidery stitch and three styles of leggings.

We’re also digging the new pattern of the patch and the embroidering, which adds a more personal touch to the sweater, with the designer explaining that it’s inspired by the way people express themselves.

The sweater will be available in men’s and women’s sizes, and there’s also a black version of the sweater that can be worn with any of the patterns and colors.

Patagona is the latest in a long line of high-end clothing companies to try and make a splash with their new collection, including Nike and Burberry.

The Patuagian has been a well-known Patagonist brand for a while now, but now they’ve added a new trend to the company.

They’ve already created their own signature sweater, which has some of the latest trends like lace detailing and a “mahogany” print, which looks like it’s from the past.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest Patagonas latest releases, and we’ll also be keeping a close eye on Patagony’s new logo, which can be seen below.

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