I love the Pat, and I think it’s one of the best sweaters I’ve ever worn.

It’s lightweight and soft.

It also has a nice amount of warmth, but I feel it needs to be more thick and full in order to keep it warm.

I have a couple of other Patagonias and the Pat is one of them.

It looks nice in all the different colors.

The Patagonian Down sweater is a very popular sweater for those who like a little extra warmth.

It has a lot of stretch and a stretchier feel.

The back of the sweater is also thicker, and it’s a little bit softer and fluffier than the Pat.

It is available at Patagonians stores, as well as online.

The sweater has a wide, soft cut and it has some stretch to it.

It feels like a lot more than I expected, but it’s still a pretty good sweater.

I love that the Pat doesn’t have an outer shell, which means it has a more natural feel.

I really like the softness of the knit.

It doesn’t look like I’d wear a sweater with a lot in it.

I think that makes it a lot easier to wear.

The only thing I dislike about the Patrona Down sweater are the buttons.

The buttons are so small and the stitching looks a little scratchy.

I also like the colors.

I like the orange and white of the orange sweater.

It reminds me of the red and white from the Pat’s jacket, and the white from my shirt.

The colors are a bit darker than my other Patronas, but that’s to be expected.

The white is a bit more vibrant, which is probably what I prefer, but the Pat should have the darker colors.

This is a really good sweater, but if you want to add a bit of extra warmth, the Pat could be a good choice.

If you want a little more warmth, I’d definitely recommend the Patrons Down sweater.

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