Heart sweater women have a way of wearing their hearts out on the big screen and in the media, but their look doesn’t always look great on the body.

Here are the best ideas for how to dress up the look, and avoid the worst.


Make it look like you have a heart.

The heart has a very specific shape and color that is the perfect match for your body type.

For example, women with bigger breasts can wear a black sweater with a white stripe on the back and black sleeves, or a white sweater with blue sleeves and white stripes.2.

Wear a heart on the inside.

The black and white striped heart sweater is an easy way to wear a heart with the rest of your outfit.

A black sweater that looks like a heart is great for women with more feminine body shapes.

For more feminine-looking men, try a black blazer with a black heart on one side and a white blazer on the other.3.

Wear your heart in a cute way.

Try to keep your heart out of the way and show off your big chest.

A white blouse with a heart patch on the front will work, as will a white knit sweater with heart applique at the back.

For men, the heart patch at the side of the sweater will be great too.4.

Dress like you’re a princess.

There’s a reason that the heart is the most commonly worn piece on the chest, so if you want to look like a princess, wear a pink sweater with white stripes on the shoulders and a pink blouse.5.

Wear an outfit with heart.

There are plenty of different styles to choose from.

The striped heart cardigan is the simplest, and the white cardigan will be fun for a night out or a special event.

A classic red dress with a ribbon tie or a black shirt with a red stripe on it will also work well.6.

Wear something that reminds you of the heart.

If you’re looking for something to go with your heart-shaped sweater, try wearing a white shirt with red stripes, or white jeans with a bright red blazer.

A dark blue blazer, a black dress shirt, and a black-and-white striped sweater are all good choices.7.

Wear jewelry that’s appropriate for your heart.

You can dress up your heart with a necklace or bracelet, or even a gold necklace.

You may want to keep some of your jewelry in a box to show off the heart, so that it doesn’t go missing.

For the jewelry lover in you, you may want a gold ring that’s just for you, or you could make a necklace out of a white ribbon, gold chain, and diamond.8.

Wear accessories that don’t scream “heart.”

For a more traditional look, try getting a matching necklace with a rose, or wearing a pink earring or a heart necklace.

If it’s a holiday or holiday season, a white necklace will look great.9.

Use a bow tie or bow to help your heart look bigger.

There aren’t a lot of traditional bow ties for women, but you can wear bow ties to help bring out your heart even more.

If your heart is a bit smaller than usual, opt for a bow that has a heart shape that fits your chest, like a white or blue bowtie.10.

Make a heart-themed cardigan.

This will look like the heart that you’d wear if you had one.

If not, you can always go with a more classic version.

A simple white blizzard coat with a yellow heart on either side, or blue jeans with gold trim and a yellow bow tie can all work.11.

Wear earrings and jewelry.

This is a perfect way to show your heart, and not just in the fashion world.

Get a bow-shaped earring, a gold bracelet, and white earrings.

You could also try a bow or earring necklace with heart ornaments, or try a heart ring.

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