A new cat-themed Christmas sweater has just been released, featuring a new Cat in a sweater that reads “Cat in a wool sweater.”

It is the first time that an official holiday sweater has featured a cat, which means the sweater has become a very popular item for cat lovers, thanks to the Cat in the Wool Christmas sweater.

The sweater’s name, Cat in A Wool Sweater, is inspired by a line in the movie The Cat in The Hat, where Cat in Winter is depicted wearing a wool jacket.

“Cat in the sweater is a very good fit,” says Jules Kallman, CEO of Jules & Tons, which created the sweater.

“It looks great, it feels good, and it feels right.”

The sweater was inspired by the movie, where a cat is shown wearing a jacket.

Kallmann says the Cat sweater is “not a real sweater” because the wool fabric is made of a different material than the wool of the sweater, but it does have a cat motif.

“We want people to have that Cat sweater because it is really cute and it makes you feel like you are wearing a cat sweater,” Kallmen says.

The Cat sweater, available for $40 at Macy’s online store, is available for pre-order until February 24, but can be purchased at the Macy’s retail store in Seattle as well.

Kallman says the cat motifs on the sweater are not meant to be sexual, but rather just cat-friendly.

“We thought, well, why not just give cats a sweater, so they can wear it,” he says.

Kassie, a cat-loving New Yorker who also runs Cat &amp: Pets, says she loves the sweater and will be shopping it around for Christmas.

“I think it’s cute,” she says.

“I just thought it would be a nice addition to the sweater aisle for a cat lover.”

Kallmann thinks that the Cat is a fitting choice for a sweater because cats can have an easy-to-follow personality and be playful.

“It’s really cute.

They have a really good sense of humor,” he said.

“They’re super friendly, and I think they are really playful.”

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