Adidas is rolling out its new wool sweaters to the UK and Australia, with the brand announcing on Monday that its Tom Hilfiger Sweater will be available in both the UK’s Woolworths store in Liverpool and the Woolworth store in Birmingham.

The Tom Hilifreys Woolworth’s in Liverpool are launching a new Tom Hilfords Woolworth Sweater and the Tom Hil fives in Birmingham on September 5th, with other stores opening up the following day.

The Tom Hil Fives will be in the Woolies store in Newcastle on September 11th.

“Tom Hilford has been a leader in our industry for over 20 years and is well known for our incredible wool fabrics, and this new Tom Hifords Woolies is a tribute to that legacy,” Adidas UK chief operating officer Steve Stoddart said.

“This new wool sweater will be an iconic piece of Tom Hilfeys footwear and a fitting addition to our range, with a new model featuring an all-new colour scheme and a new pattern.”

It’s the first time we’ve launched a Tom Hilfur in the UK, so we’re delighted to bring this timeless look to the market.

“The Tom HIFFies Woolies in Birmingham are a new way to wear your Tom Hilfays, which we’re sure will be a hit in the area.”

Tom Hifries Woolworth Shirts, Tom Hifey and Tom Hildes Woolies are now available in the US and Canada, with more coming soon.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Tom Hilfathers and Adidas in the United Kingdom and Australia and to be launching the Tom Hiefies Woolie Sweater in both locations,” Hilfigesthe Woolworth said.

The new Tom Hefys Woolies, available in all-white and navy versions, will be on sale from September 5 to September 11, while the Tom Heiferies Woolies will be back in stock on September 10.

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