A new Christmas sweater has become the most popular toy for the young generation.

The trend has hit the streets in major cities across the country and has also spread to malls, cafes and malls.

Many shops in the malls are selling the sweaters with a cropped sweater, or cropped scarf.

With a cropped scarf, the sweater is not only shorter and more comfortable but also easier to wear.

To make the sweater short, a short length of cotton yarn can be woven into a yarn of the same length.

A sweater with a shorter length can also be knit with a short yarn or a longer yarn.

But in a fashion trend that is more about looks than fashion, the sweater has become a favorite for the younger generation.

A young man wears a cropped and cropped sweater during a demonstration of the ‘Mall Sweater’, a sweater that has become popular with children in the US.

A boy wearing a cropped jumper and a cropped shirt in a mall in Seoul.

In the US, this trend has spread to a lot of malls.

This year alone, there are more than 70 malls in the United States where the mall sweaters have been popular.

An older woman wears a sweater in front of a window in a shopping mall in the Indian city of Mumbai.

A woman wears her cropped sweater and cropped scarf during a school play in Shanghai.

According to a survey conducted by the US National Retail Federation, the average cost for a sweater is $11.50 in the U.S. and $19 in the UK.

If you want to knit a sweater yourself, a crochet sweater costs $3.50 and a short sweater costs only $1.50.

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