The 2017 Best Cable Knit Sweater Award is now open for nominations.

We’ve got some of the best cable knit sweaters on the market and we’re excited to announce that the 2018 Best Cable knit sweater Award is also up for consideration.

We have three categories that are up for voting.

The Best Cableknit Sweater category has two nominees, and we are excited to showcase the best of our favorite knit sweats from around the world.

The 2018 Best cable knit sweater category will be announced at the Winter Show.

We’re excited for you to vote for the 2018 Cableknit sweaters.

You have until the 23rd of February, and you can vote here . 

The categories are as follows:Best CableknitSweater Category – 2018 Best New Product:A.A.P.C.C.’s T-shirt, a classic knit sweater with a modern twist, and a vintage twist.

Best CableknitsSweater – 2018 Favorite Cableknit sweater:A-Frame’s Cork Knits (sleeve-neckline: A-Frame).

Best LingerieSweater:Nike’s Lingerie  (waist: N/A).

BarefootLion’s Ace of Hearts Sweater (waist-front: Ace of Thrones).

Dana Loesch’s Sassy Knitwear Sweater (top: Dana Loesich).

The Good & The Bad of Cable KnitsSweaters:The Good:Comfortable.



Great for fall and spring.

Good for keeping you warm in summer. 

Comfortable for the warmer seasons. 

Super soft for a knit. 

Soft and comfy. 

Cotton or nylon wool. 


Made in the USA.

Great for the neck. 


 Great to wear while on a bike. 

Good for kids. 

Laundry detergent free. 


The Bad:Not all cables are created equal.

It is always nice to have a sweater that looks like a classic piece of knitwear.

The design, but the way it’s made, is important to me.

The way that a knit sweater is made is very important to the comfort and warmth of my sweater.

Not all knit sweates are created equally.

If the cotton or nylon is woven from recycled material, for example, the fabric will be very soft and very breathable.

I have found that it is very difficult to find a wool sweater that is very soft in the wool section.

For me, I think it is important for the design to be comfortable and stylish. 

But, if the yarn is synthetic, I would like to know that the fibers are organic, and that it has been spun with the care and care of a skilled yarn worker. 

In addition, it is my responsibility to keep the wool yarn from becoming a stain.

I do not want my yarn to become a dirty stain.

The yarn should be dyed and treated with care. 

I do not recommend a knit knit sweater if you wear the same color as your jeans or shoes, because it will look more natural if you are wearing your knit sweater and jeans at the same time.

The color of the sweater is more important than the quality of the knit yarn. 

If I wear my knit sweater on a regular basis, I will definitely wear a white knit sweater.

If I wear a gray knit sweater everyday, it will be a bit more noticeable if I have a black sweater. 

There are so many options for cable kniters.

The most popular are:A) T-shirtsB) V-neck sweatersC) Sweaters for childrenD) Mitten sweaters (and Mitten knit sweater knitwear)F) Cable knit sweatwearG) Wool knit sweatingH) Knit knit sweatewearThe Best CableknitSweater Awards are made possible by our sponsors, who include: Cleveland,Cable Knit Knits,Cotton,Hanson,Pelican,Mocha,Ace,Pillow,Cherry Hill,Jazz,Brick,Pinellas,Safeway,Sugar House,T-shirt brands,and more. 

Please check out our other categories for the latest and greatest:

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