A black woman has posted an image on Facebook claiming that a recent decision by the UK government to classify black as a colour “too black” to wear has left her feeling “uncomfortable”.

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said she is a black woman who has worked in the garment industry for the past eight years.

“It is not a colour I can associate with but it is something that I cannot help but feel uncomfortable,” she wrote.

I feel like a new label is being imposed on me.” “

Black people do not wear black as often as people think.

I feel like a new label is being imposed on me.”

The woman said that she has worked as a sales assistant in a clothing store in Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, for the last eight years and that she had never experienced racism in the workplace.

“People have said, ‘If you wear black, it will be a black day’,” she wrote, adding that she felt unsafe. “

It’s like saying, ‘you can’t have a Coke because you’ve got a Coke bottle’.” The woman claimed that she was told that black people do have a certain smell.

“People have said, ‘If you wear black, it will be a black day’,” she wrote, adding that she felt unsafe.

“For me it was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m not allowed to wear black.

Why do I have to feel like I have got to choose between being a white person and being a black man?'”

The woman also said that her children have been teased for wearing black clothing.

“A lot of times my kids have been asked to be in a black hoodie because they are wearing a black hat,” she said.

“They’ve had the same comments about it.”

The UK government is set to unveil a new policy next week, banning the use of certain colours in public spaces, including in schools and public places.

The government said the decision to classify colours as “too dark” had been taken by a committee led by former Tory MP Peter Lilley, who now works as a policy adviser to the Home Office.

The move comes after a number of incidents of racism in Britain in recent years, including a white woman being told by a policeman to “get back to Africa” for being black in a video.

Earlier this month, a group of black students at Birmingham City University were told they must wear white armbands to prove their ethnicity.

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