By KATE MATHEWSRead moreAUSTRALIA is home to more than 200 million black sheep, and the breed is so beloved by the Australian public that there are now black sheep apparel brands selling their products.

But what is the black sheep and what does it have to do with the country’s economy?

Here are four reasons why people love the sheep and why it is important for Australia’s economy.1.

It is a family businessThe Australian wool industry is a highly skilled and skilled industry, with skilled workers working in the fields and mills.

They are known as woolmen and wool workers are the backbone of the industry.

They also produce a range of other wool products.

There are about 200,000 woolworkers in Australia, but many of them are working in small towns and rural communities.

In these small towns, they are often called black sheep farmers, but this is an incorrect title.

They make wool for local, regional or national markets, for sale to the Australian consumer.

In some areas, they also make their own wool, including in some remote areas.

The wool industry employs around 30,000 people in Australia.2.

It makes a great wool blanketThis is a common story in the wool industry.

Black sheep sweats are a popular blanket because they are easy to wash and dry.

Black wool blankets are made from a mixture of black sheep wool and sheep wool yarn.

These are then folded, stuffed and folded again to create a blanket, which is then rolled into a square.

The blanket can then be sewn onto a wall and stitched together.

Black Sheep sweaters make for a beautiful gift, and black sheep blankets are sold at flea markets, at department stores and online.3.

They can be made into scarvesThe wool blanket and scarves are made of wool from different species of sheep.

A wool blanket from the black lambs is called a sheep blanket.

A sheep blanket from a grey sheep is called an alpaca blanket.

These blanket styles are made for sale in the markets, or are sold online.

Black Wool sweaters can be used to make scarves, or for special occasions.

For example, in the early 2000s, a sheep scarf was created and sold in the Christmas market to celebrate the birth of a baby.

This scarf has been known as a sheep scarf for decades, and was made from black sheep fur.

A sheep scarf is also available for sale online, and is made from wool from other sheep species.4.

It can be knit for your birthdayThe wool scarf and black wool blanket are knit with the help of a machine called a machine, which can be found in many wool stores and thrift shops.

These machines can stitch your wool into different patterns and create a complete set of knitting blankets, including black wool blankets.

This is an example of a wool scarf from the wool blanket pictured above.

This wool scarf was made by knitting a black wool fabric onto a black fabric, then knitting another fabric onto the same black fabric.

The result is a simple but elegant blanket, complete with a pattern.

In addition to being used for birthday parties, black sheep scarf and blanket styles can be sold at thrift stores and flea market.

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