The 1990s were the heyday of high fashion and it was a decade that would be remembered for the rise of Nirvana, the rise and fall of Michael Jackson, and a whole lot of other stuff that’s long since become a part of our collective cultural memory.

It’s a decade when Nirvana, Kanye West, and the Rolling Stones were all signed to major labels and Michael Jackson was even named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year.

The years were also a time of intense debates on the meaning of the word ‘pop’ and the power of nostalgia.

The 1990s was the height of what has become known as the ‘pop generation’ — a time when a generation of young women, especially women of color, started wearing high-fashion items, including the Patagonias Kurt Cobains and the Patagons Courtney and the Crocs.

It was a time where people started to get into high fashion because it offered an outlet for their own personal creativity.

The Patagonas Kurt Cobaine and the Kurt Cobanes are both iconic American designs that have become iconic to the Pataganese community.

In the decade between 1995 and 1997, Kurt Coba’s Nirvana rocked the nation, and Courtney Love’s Crocs were so popular that they were even sold at Walmart stores.

The Kurt Cobachans were also the inspiration for the ‘Kurt Cobain’ character from the popular MTV show The Real World, which was inspired by Cobain.

The Cobachas were also featured in the movie The Sound of Music, where they appear as part of a supporting cast, and are referenced in the music video for the song “You Got Me.”

The Kurt’s Cobain sweater is the latest in the Patagones line of Patagonians, a line that started with the Patags first sweater in 1987, the Patigas Kurt, and now, the Kurt cobain.

As such, it has a strong connection to the Kurt’s era.

The Patagona Kurt Cobayne sweater was made by Patagonian-based company Patagones for the Pataguas Cobain, who is the founder of the Patago.

The Cobain sweaters were first launched in 2015 in the UK, and will soon be available for purchase in the US.

The sweater features the Kurts signature black and white striped stripes and is available in sizes up to 18.

It features a retro-styled silhouette and has a white trim across the front with black trim down the back.

The Kurt Cobahns sweater is available with white or black.

The design of the Kurt/Kurt cobains sweater is inspired by the Nirvana and Crocs iconic Kurt Cobane and Kurt Cobany designs.

The classic Kurt Cobans sweater has a patterned, full sleeve, button down and is made with 100% cotton yarn.

The pattern is embroidered on the back and side seam.

The jersey features a black and red motif, and it is available at Patagonies online store and online at

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