In the summer of 2013, a pair of men wearing jeans and a white t-shirt walked into a store in Jerusalem’s Old City.

They ordered a white T-shirt, the only one of the two they saw.

It looked nice, the store owner said, but he knew it wasn’t the one they had been looking for.

It was the black t-shirts, which were cheaper.

The pair wanted the best.

A couple of months later, they walked into the same store.

They walked into different stores.

And then, they were all there, all the way back to the same place, in the same street, selling the same thing.

“The most important thing is that you never buy anything from someone who is not selling the product,” says Adi Kuprecht, a veteran of the Israeli retail business.

“If you see something that is not the same as the one you ordered, you never want to go there again.

It’s a very simple rule.”

And it’s a rule that’s applied across the country, according to the Israeli consumer watchdog, Keren Tzur, which tracks and protects consumer interests.

It has been a consistent theme.

Every year, Kupricht and his colleagues from the consumer watchdog conduct field surveys, conducting interviews with hundreds of Israelis and analyzing their shopping habits and habits of the shops they frequent.

This year, the organization conducted a survey of 100 shoppers in Tel Aviv, and its findings were just as disturbing.

It found that, at least in the last three years, the number of people ordering from online sellers who don’t deliver the products they say they do has more than doubled.

For example, the survey found that only 19% of online sellers actually delivered the t-shirts, and only 25% delivered the shirts that the shoppers wanted.

In the previous survey conducted in 2012, in 2014, and 2016, only 11% of sellers delivered the clothes.

The findings, which Kuprischt calls a “re-evaluation” of online shopping, have had an impact on the retail landscape.

Kuprithts analysis found that online retailers are no longer the only place where consumers shop, and they’re the only places that can make money.

KUpritht is not saying that the online marketplace is the only source of consumer demand, but rather, he says, it’s the only way consumers can purchase goods.

He believes that this new reality has led to a new wave of retailers that are increasingly focused on offering products that customers will be willing to pay for.

“In the past, online retailers were the only option for buying a product, but nowadays it’s very difficult to find the right product.

The customer is always looking for something different,” he says.

The new trend, Kups study found, has been accompanied by an increase in the number and types of sellers in the online space, particularly those offering online shopping.

Kups data shows that the most popular sellers are online-only sellers, as well as large and small chains, and that online shopping is more popular than it was a few years ago.

K Upriths study also found that most online retailers offer the same service as the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

K ups study found that the majority of online retailers do not require a physical presence in their stores.

“We’re witnessing a very different marketplace now,” he said.

“There are now many small and medium-sized shops that are doing their own thing.

They are more focused on selling on their own sites.

They have more than one product, they have their own product page.

They offer different products and they have different prices.”

In fact, online sellers are so focused on the price point that they are even opening their sites to shoppers, K Uprucht said.

They’re allowing shoppers to browse the store and see how much they are paying for the products.

K Ups study found a sharp increase in online sellers offering “one-stop-shops” in the past few years.

The majority of these shops are located in Tel Aviv, and there are more than half a dozen in Jerusalem alone.

These shops, which are still a relatively small number compared to the size of their competitors, offer different brands of products and prices, and offer an extensive selection of items, all at very competitive prices.

K UPRITHTS study also revealed that the trend has also made it harder for shoppers to find and find the same products.

For many of these online sellers, there are very few other retailers who offer the products or prices they’re offering.

KUPRITHT believes that the rising popularity of online retail and the increased competition it’s facing, combined with a growing number of online-exclusive retailers, has made it increasingly difficult for consumers to find products and products at competitive prices online.

“I think we’re witnessing the rise of the online market, and I think that’s the result of the competition in the industry

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