FOX NEWS — It’s not always a good idea to wear fur on the outside of your armpits, but sometimes it makes a difference.

A new study finds that men who are comfortable in their skin are much more likely to look their best on the inside, even when they’re in a tight space.

The study, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that the more comfortable men were in their bodies, the less they were affected by the cold.

In a test of 10 men who wore fur, the researchers found that men wearing fur were less likely to suffer from colds.

“We found that while the majority of men in our study wore fur for the purpose of warmth, some were not,” study co-author Dr. William E. Ochsner, an assistant professor of occupational and environmental medicine at the University of Washington, said in a statement.

“If you’re in the presence of cold, it can make it harder for you to regulate temperature and regulate sweat.”

In other words, you’re not sweating more as you move around,” Ochso said.

Men who wore the most fur also had more sweat in their armpitts, which means they sweat more during heat.

It’s an important factor in keeping skin hydrated and helping protect your face, Ochse added.

This is especially true for women who have long complained that they can’t sweat well enough to protect their skin.

Women are also often more likely than men to have problems with their sweat glands and sweat glands’ function.

There are other factors to consider, however.

Men are more likely on average to have a wider range of skin colors than women, so the study didn’t find a correlation between wearing fur and color.

The study also found that fur can also help protect skin, as fur protects the inside of your cheeks and the inner sides of your nose.

The researchers also found the fur’s texture can help prevent friction between your skin and clothing.

It also helps keep your body cooler, and the more fur you wear, the more you cool off, Ochi said.

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